Geriatric Care

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Geriatric Care services offered in Tomball, TX

As you age, your health needs will shift and change. For older residents of Tomball, Texas, exceptional geriatric care is one of many services offered by Richard Pedroza, MD, at AGP Family Health Clinic. Dr. Pedroza strives to improve your quality of life and help you navigate the aging process with ease. Call the office or book a geriatric care appointment online today.  

What is geriatric care?

Geriatric care is an area of medical practice focused on addressing the needs of older men and women. There’s no set age for geriatric care, but most people are ready to transition into this area of health care between the ages of 60-70. 

One of the best reasons to choose to work with a family health practitioner who also offers geriatric care is the ability to seamlessly transition into these services when the time is right. Having a provider you already know and trust makes it far easier to address health issues as they arise. 

Practitioners who choose to offer geriatric care go through specialized training in how to meet the health needs of people in retirement age and beyond. They also enjoy working with patients who bring a unique perspective and wisdom to the practice.   

What kinds of health needs can be met through geriatric care?

Geriatric care includes preventive health services like physical exams, lab testing, and screenings. If illness or injury occurs, sick visits focus on a swift recovery. 

Medication management is a central focus of geriatric care. By the time you reach retirement age, you may have received multiple prescriptions from numerous providers. 

At AGP Family Health Clinic, your practitioner reviews your medications to make sure they still meet your needs. They also check to make sure your medications won’t cause negative reactions with each other.

Taking care of your mental and emotional health is also part of geriatric care. You have the guidance and support of your provider if you encounter issues with stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.  

What role does fall prevention play in geriatric care?

Fall prevention is an essential part of geriatric care. As you age, your risk of breaking bones or sustaining joint damage in a fall increases. Finding ways to reduce your risk of falls is the best way to prevent harm. 

Your practitioner works with you to find ways to make your home as fall-proof as possible. If you experience changes in your mobility, you can explore equipment like canes, walkers, or other devices to help you maintain stability while you move through your daily routines. 

Geriatric care strives to keep you healthy, happy, and independent. Planning, in-home help, client and family support, and counseling services are all available at AGP Family Health Clinic. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more.