The Benefits of Telemedicine

Dec 01, 2022
The Benefits of Telemedicine
Are you tired of sitting in a waiting room full of sick people when you have a doctor’s appointment? Now you can see your doctor in the privacy of your own home — or anywhere — thanks to telemedicine.

Modern medicine offers many benefits, and telemedicine is one of them. One of the permanent changes to the medical profession post-Covid-19 is the increasing prevalence of telemedicine. 

Dr. Richard Pedroza, board-certified family medicine physician with AGP Family Clinic, offers telemedicine appointments along with in-person appointments for your entire family. A telemedicine appointment saves time, money, and the exasperation of driving in traffic or sitting in a crowded waiting room with sick people. 

Following are some of the major benefits of telemedicine appointments: 


The number one benefit of telemedicine for many people is convenience. When you’re feeling sick, the last thing you want to do is drive to a doctor’s office. Going out in the cold in winter or in the heat in summer when you’re sick can be a miserable experience. With telemedicine, you can talk with your doctor face to face on your phone, tablet, or computer without leaving your bed.    

No one wants to bundle up a sick child and take them to a waiting room with crying babies. Telemedicine allows your doctor to visually observe your child and ask about symptoms. 

Easier to fit into a busy schedule 

If you work long hours and then go home to family responsibilities, you may not make time to take care of yourself. Self-care is important in order to maintain your health. 

You can talk to your doctor anywhere you can get the internet: your firm’s parking lot, in a private office during a lunch hour, or at home. Telemedicine offers an answer for you if you’ve been saying, “There’s no time to go to the doctor.” 

Lowers anxiety about going to the doctor 

Perhaps you or a family member avoids doctor appointments because of anxiety. You can feel secure or help a loved one feel secure when the appointment is in the privacy of your home. 

Support for chronic conditions

If you have diabetes or another chronic condition that requires medical monitoring, telemedicine can work great for you. You can avoid numerous trips in traffic to visit your doctor. Monitoring tools now send readings to your doctor’s office. They alert your doctor to any changes in your condition. This technology could help save your life.  

Avoids waiting room with sick people 

If your appointment is a disease/health management appointment and you’re not sick, telemedicine avoids long waits in the doctor’s office where you’re exposed to germs and sick people. If you are sick, you won’t make other people sick from a cough that spreads a virus or bacteria through the air when you meet with your doctor via video in your home. 

No childcare needed

For busy mothers, telemedicine can be a lifesaver. You don’t have to cart all of your children on a ride to your doctor’s office. Whether you’re sick or you have a child who’s sick, telemedicine makes a hard day easier. There’s no need for childcare. 

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